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Wynonna Earp Recap: Diggin’ Up Bones, Photos, And Family Secrets

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Wynonna hasn’t been sleeping well. When the Revenants aren’t keeping her up, her nightmares are. Dreams of her dead father and sister and the seven demons that killed them haunt her—which is why she’s so recklessly obsessed with sending them to hell.

All that considered, it probably isn’t the best time for her and Agent Dolls to run a raid on Bobo’s trailer park. They do it anyway, after a shady judge grants them a warrant. Bobo, however, seems to have been tipped off the fact that they’re coming, and so the raid turns up nothing—there’s no sign of the coffin-sized crate surveillance spotted being brought into the park just a day earlier.

As they’re pulling out of the trailer park, a stowaway hitches a ride with Wynonna, doing his best to carjack her. It’s a pretty major fail (who knew Revenants could get motion sickness?). But this demon wants something from Wynonna—and he has a bargaining chip to sweeten the deal. All she has to do is find out where his undead photographer boyfriend is, and he’ll hand over the identities of the remaining seven in the form of a photograph taken by the aforementioned boyfriend himself.

Seems simple enough, except the boyfriends is Levi… the guy Doc dragged through Hellsgate and left to melt on the border between the Triangle and the rest of the world. It’s not exactly the happiest of reunions, but at least the two star-crossed Revenants get to return to the underworld together after telling Wynonna they believe that she’s the one who’ll eventually break the Earp curse.

She’ll have to be fast though. Bobo and his blonde lady friend Ms. Stone (aka Constance Clootie, aka the Stone Witch?) are working out a deal where he resurrects her two dead sons and she gets him out of the Triangle—right after they take shoe fetishism to a new level, that is. And you thought Wynonna making out with her great, great grandfather’s best friend Doc was scandalous.

Oh, about that photo of the seven: hard at work in his darkroom, Agent Dolls finally comes across the portrait of the seven gathered around an Earp’s body only to realize that he’s seen it before… hanging the judge’s office. Hmm, wonder who it was that tipped Bobo off about that raid?