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Wynonna Earp Recap: Everybody Knows Wynonna’s Pregnant… But Who’s The Papa?

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Everyone has it in for Tucker—Wynonna, Waverly, Dolls… even the two ghouls wearing Mercedes and Beth as skin suits—but no one knows where he is. Wynonna, however, has more immediate problems. Like making sure she’s got a steady supply of yogurt on hand and figuring out who the father of her child is.

To that end, she recruits Nicole to help her track down the second candidate for possible fatherhood. She’s sure that the soon-to-be dad is either Doc or… a Revenant she had a one-night stand with while on an epic, post-shooting-Willa bender. Oops?

When she eventually comes face to face with her drunken mistake, Wynonna’s plan to secretly steal his DNA (for prenatal genetic testing purposes, naturally) fails hard when he recognizes her and begins chatting her up. Unlike a lot of guys who find out their hook-up is knocked up, this Rev-head is thrilled that Wynonna is expecting—because he knows she’s the heir and a half-Rev, half-Earp baby would be seen as a major victory for his team.

Not that he’ll find out one way or another—Wynonna, with Waverly’s support, puts him down with Peacemaker. This baby will be an Earp, no matter who the father is. You know, like Waverly! Err…

While the women deal with Wynonna’s baby drama, Doc, Dolls, and Jeremy band together (literally, thanks to Jeremy’s accidentally successful binding spell) to take on a posse of ghostly lawmen out to serve up some justice for a “crime” Doc committed—in 1882. Something about a judge’s wife and an overly flirtatious encounter? Two of them, actually.

The only reason Doc is still alive at the end of the episode is because of Dolls’ knowledge of local law enforcement history. His admiration for the legendary lawman hunting Doc actually works against the Marshall—because Dolls outranks him and knows it. That means he gets to claim the warrant against Doc and has the power to pardon him for it, which he does—despite the whole romantic rivals thing. Pretty big of him, right?

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Was that Revenant really Wynonna’s baby-daddy or is there still a chance Doc is the father?

2. Speaking of dads, who’s Waverly’s? It’s not… Bobo, is it? Gasp.

3. Wynonna is totally on to the fact that Mercedes isn’t Mercedes anymore but is she going to figure out she’s a Widow before they track down the third seal?

4. Remember how nothing from the “earthly realm” could harm the ghost cavalry? So…. how come Dolls was able to punch US Marshall Reeves squarely in the jaw? What is Dolls?

5. No really, where’s Tucker? We want him where we can see him.