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Why Are ‘The Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Fighting In The Crossover Trailer?

The two night event begins on Tuesday.

A superhero battle is afoot over at CTV, and this week — at long last! — we will get that super-mega-spectacular showdown between “Arrow” and “The Flash” for which we’ve all been waiting.

The boys’ ribbing and rabble-rousing takes center stage in the new promo, which promises a lot of fighting, a few arrows to the back, a LOT of running, and an all-out showdown between our two heroes.

The two-night event, which finds each cast will appearing on the other’s show, will team up Barry and Oliver in order to solve a murder… only things don’t go all that smoothly. Why else would our beloved heroes fight, right? A bungled crime-solving attempt? A peacocking battle of superpowers? Just don’t tell me this has to do with Felicity.

Guess our beloved superfriends are about to become superfrenemies! Check it out.

Hoo boy, something tells us that Oliver-Felicity-Barry love triangle thing is only going to get more complicated, eh?

“The Flash Vs. Arrow” premieres on December 2, continuing the next night, December 3.