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The Shannara Chronicles Season Finale Recap: Shannara Blood Saves The Day

When we found out that the Season Two Shannara finale was called “Blood,” we were a little concerned—unless you’re talking about a transfusion, a donor, or a shade of orange, talking about blood almost never means anything good. But as it turns out, blood is actually what ends up saving the Four Lands from ruin.

Let’s back up. Allanon, while gravely injured, steps in to defend Mareth during her head-to-head with the Warlock Lord. Allanon instructs Mareth to find and bring back Wil, leaving him to take on the Warlock Lord by himself. A risky move to be sure, as Allanon is wounded, weak, and almost completely depleted of magic. The Warlock Lord is fully aware of and takes advantage of Allanon’s weaknesses, eventually killing Allanon right in front of Wil, Mareth, and Cogline.


Mareth is understandably distraught (she and Allanon never got to do any traditional father-daughter bonding!) but she, Wil, and Cogline agree that they should honour Allanon’s legacy by doing everything they can to protect the Four Lands. Step One: Stop the Warlock Lord from polluting Heaven’s Well.

Unfortunately for them, Dark Eretria™ is doing everything in her power to make sure the Warlock Lord does pollute the Well. She hands both Lyria and the key to Heaven’s Well over to the Warlock Lord and, upon her return to Leah, gives Jax fake information to lead him and his allies (the former Crimson soldiers) right into the Warlock Lord’s trap. The Warlock Lord and Lyria also travel to Leah, where they realize that Lyria, not the weird orange gem Tamlin gave her, is the real key to Heaven’s Well. All she has to do is look straight into the gem, facial recognition style, and the door to the Well swings wide open.


On their way to the Well, Mareth tells Wil that she has to get a few things off her chest. Her father just died, she’s taking over his Druid responsibilities, she’s next in line to the Arborlon throne, and she’s stressing out. And while Wil is usually the one who gets all the pep talks, this time he provides the pep and reminds Mareth that the Warlock Lord would have already taken over the Four Lands by now if she didn’t help Wil get out of his Amberle funk.

Mareth gets some of her confidence back by the time they reach the Well and creep up behind the Warlock Lord, ready to strike. But it’s too late—the Warlock Lord has already infected the Well, and if they don’t act fast the Silver River will start to run red with blood as well. Jax realizes what’s happening and tries to close off the River’s dam. But Eretria, of course, broke the dam controls ahead of time. Crafty.


Eretria also pops up out of thin air and attacks Jax before he can come up with a Plan B. Fortunately Cogline swoops in yet again and stuns Eretria with his fancy ray gun. He pins Eretria down while he has the chance and, with the precision of a seasoned surgeon, extracts the Wraith out of her body. We thought Eretria was possessed by two Wraiths instead of just one, but either way she seems to be back to her normal self once Cogline finishes.

Back to Wil and Mareth. This is probably their only chance to kill the Warlock Lord, and it may also be their only chance to make up for their fathers’ failures. So Wil, not wasting any time, uses the Sword of Shannara to stab the Warlock Lord right through the heart, just like Shea told him to. Somehow the Warlock Lord sends the Sword flying out of Wil’s hands and injures Wil right back, but Mareth uses her special Druid powers to control the Sword with her mind and return it to its owner. It would have been cool to see Mareth kill the Warlock Lord in Allanon’s name, but watching Wil do the honours was pretty great too.


Now for the big reveal. Wil, who’s pretty badly wounded, limps over to the side of the Well and accidentally drips some of his blood into the water. He and Mareth notice Wil’s blood start to cleanse the Well of the Warlock Lord’s blood, and Wil finally realizes what he has to do. He tells Mareth that the only way to keep the Warlock Lord from ever coming back to life is by using his blood to clean the Well—in other words, by dying. This is a great twist that we didn’t see coming. It puts Wil in basically the same position Amberle was in last season, and the fact that he immediately accepts his fate proves that he’s much more mature than the naïvely optimistic farm boy we met back in Season One.

Mareth obviously doesn’t want to lose Wil, but after the two share a kiss she lets him go without putting up much of a fight. Mareth is generally more mellow and understanding than Wil, so we’re not surprised that she takes the news of his death better than Wil took Amberle’s.

Meanwhile, the people of Leah celebrate the Warlock Lord’s eternal destruction by officially swearing in Lyria as their new queen. Lyria basks in her post-coronation glow for all of two seconds before reminding Eretria about her marriage proposal. But Eretria tragically declines Lyria’s offer, explaining that she wants to learn how to control her “darkness” before marrying Lyria and potentially risking her life. Eretria’s probably doing the right thing, and Lyria wants to try things again after Eretria deals with her literal and figurative demons. But that doesn’t mean we’re not sad. The co-Queens of Leah was supposed to be a thing!


Mareth says goodbye to Jax, who’s now the General of the Leah army, before visiting Allanon’s so-called burial site (we don’t know if Druid’s have actual burials) with Eretria and Cogline. But before they leave the site, Mareth hesitates and notices that the Elfstones Wil gave her are glowing. She wonders aloud about whether Wil could still be alive, and it turns out that her hunch is correct. Cut to Wil lying in the middle of some sort of barren graveyard, vultures surrounding him overhead.

We have no idea where Wil is or how he survived, and we’re also kind of sad that next season won’t be completely dominated by woman, after all. But The Shannara Chronicles can’t really exist without the Shannara, and we can’t wait to see what happens if and when Wil reunites with his former allies. Bring it on, Season Three.

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