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The ‘Let Her Go!’ Supercut Honors A Timeless Movie Cliche


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every action movie must include at least one moment, in its climactic final scene, wherein the conquering hero rounds a corner to discover the villain holding his woman (or at least, a woman) hostage.

At which point, of course, he will deliver the time-honored line: “Let her go!”

If you’ve never realized how very, very often this happens in the movies, the “Let her go!” supercut will open your eyes. Although a couple of these are slightly iffy — we’re pretty sure they snuck a “Let it go” in there at some point — it’s amazing overall not only how popular that line is, but how it can also be divided into subcategories:

– Let her go, you [insert epithet here]!
– Let her go, it’s me you want!
– Let. [Pause.] Her. [Pause.] GO.

And of course, my favorite: demand to “Let her go” when the lady in question is being dangled from a great height, the better for our hero to immediately regret how he just walked right into that one, didn’t he.