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Warp Back To 1985 With The First Super Mario Bros. Commercial

Super Mario Bros.


Thanks to the efforts of YouTuber Satoshi Matrix—and a little help from Boing Boing and A.V. Club— you don’t have to travel through a green warp pipe to revisit Nintendo’s halcyon days.

Sorta accurately described as “The family computer’s dream adventure game,” the first-ever Japanese trailer for the Nintendo Entertainment System’s flagship title, Super Mario Bros., is about as quirky as one would imagine.

The commercial further elaborates on Mario’s now-mythical abilities: “With a mysterious power, he gains a great transformation! Explore the earth, underground, the sea, the sky, and much more to see in this complete world.”

Yup, that’s pretty much how I remember it. Check out the sufficiently bonkers trailer below.

Believe it or not, Super Mario Bros. 2 (actually Doki Doki Panic in Japan, and repurposed as Super Mario Bros. 2 in North America) is even stranger.

And North America’s Super Mario Bros. 3 commercial is just straight-up intense.