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Find Out How The Last Jedi’s BB-9E Came To Be Known As ‘BB-Hate’

star wars

BB-8 earned the affection of Star Wars fans in The Force Awakens, but The Last Jedi introduces a more sinister BB model known as BB-9E. Taking inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000 and the imposing presence of police cars, BB-9E has been described by Entertainment Weekly as “a beachball-shaped squad car bearing down on you in the halls of Supreme Leader Snoke’s star destroyer.” According to writer-director Rian Johnson, this unfeeling droid came to be known as “BB-Hate” on the set.

While everyone seems to be on the same page regarding BB-9E’s unpleasant nature, head of the Star Wars creature shop Neal Scanlan argues that BB-8 also has some unsympathetic qualities. “I’ve always found it to have a sort of slightly manipulative quality,” he said. “With BB-9E, we go back to literally the cold First Order sort of Empire version of what a BB unit might be. This was much more cold, calculative, much more direct.”

BB-9E has been described as a loner, but Scanlan reveals that it shares some screen time with its droid opposite in The Last Jedi: “There’s a lovely moment between BB-8 and BB-9E, which tells that sort of parallel story of Vader and Luke.”

You will have the misfortune of meeting “BB-Hate” when The Last Jedi arrives in theatres on December 15.