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The Point Break Remake Is Awesome… If You’re Into Feature-Length Extreme Sports Demo Reels

“Find your breaking point,” urges the tagline from Point Break. And we did. It was around 37 minutes into this remake that sees Luke Bracey and Édgar Ramírez taking over for Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze as guileless FBI agent Johnny Utah and Bodhi, the eco-activist Johnny is hunting.

point break

But this is eco-activism of the self—performed in a quest for YouTube hits and scene points with only minor lip service paid to the idea of escaping what Swayze’s Bodhi called a system that “kills the human spirit.” Oh sure, the remake has some talk about “living off the grid” and “damning the man,” but it’s just talk. The action serves the actor, boosting bro culture to an x-treme level that a modern-day Ernest Hemingway would envy.

That said, Point Break 2.0 is pretty—err, totally rad—to look at. The movie takes inspiration from the original’s surf-and-skydive themes but revs up the action with the inclusion of skateboarding (off the side of a Martin Shkreli-esque millionaire’s yacht), base jumping, motocross racing, raft-less whitewater rafting, free climbing, fist fighting for funsies, and sheer-face snowboarding till you, like, for real, dude, die.

You know that thing where you fistbump your bro too hard and he falls backwards over the edge of the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall? You will. Ever been to one of those parties where Steve Aoki lays down a killer DJ set as you say goodbye to your fallen buddy with a super-chill funeral pyre? This is your invitation.


Director Ericson Core, who also served as DP on the film and was the cinematographer for the first Fast and the Furious, itself an homage to Point Break, has crafted a slick highlight reel of achievements in extreme sports. He uses some of Earth’s most awe-inspiring natural features to bring that world to life. It’s a shame he can’t help his actors do the same with their faces. Point Break is an entertaining watch, but don’t go looking for anything beyond a bunch of cool visuals.

But if ever there was a movie that could make you want to sell everything you own (read: your late-model video game console) and buy a second-hand wingsuit, it’s this one—because if anyone can attain spiritual enlightenment through skydiving, you know it’s going to be a millennial with a GoPro.


Point Break fist-bumps theatres today in 2D and even more x-treme IMAX 3D. Check out the trailer below, brah.