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Pet Sematary’s Amy Seimetz Has Her Own Pet Horror Stories


For the last two years, a Stephen King renaissance has been sweeping Hollywood, creating new fans and giving old fans reason to celebrate. In anticipation of the Pet Sematary remake, fans of the original have been given a home video upgrade with a new transfer and several new extras, including featurettes with director Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary: Revisitation) and the team behind the remake (Pet Sematary: Fear and Remembrance). The latter gives several cast and crew members a chance to reminisce about traumatic slumber parties and pet horror stories, but co-star Amy Seimetz offers the most vivid anecdote.

“I watched it when I was younger and it really disturbed me,” she explains. “I remember having a cat. His name was Boomerang and he got feline leukaemia and he died and we buried him in the backyard. We put a cross in our backyard and we started to make a graveyard. We had other cats and they died too, so we ended up having these cats in our backyard, and I remember watching the film and actually thinking, ‘What if we’re just creating another Pet Sematary in the backyard?’ I’d have dreams about, you know, the cats coming back.”

Everyone involved with the remake seems to have fond memories of the 1989 film, which may explain why they spared Gage Creed his original fate. Like director Mary Lambert, they know actor Miko Hughes is irreplaceable. “In the casting, I fell in love with Miko, and that was a little bit of a problem because the producers wanted twins,” Lambert reveals. “Even though he was really young, he just wanted to do it. I could feel it—and I was right. He gave a performance that was just amazing. He was an actor at age two and a half. He really did it. He’s the single reason that movie is enjoyed so much. If you plucked him out of it, it just wouldn’t be the same.”

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Pet Sematary is available now on Blu-ray and 4k Ultra HD, and the 2019 remake arrived in theatres today (April 5). Check out the trailer below.