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New Orphan Black Clip Makes An Assassin Out Of Helena

“I will cleanse them from this earth.”

As far as we can tell, Neolutionism has yet to turn its attention to time travel—so why does it feel like we’ve gone back to Helena’s days as a clone-on-clone assassin? In this exclusive new clip from Orphan Black’s upcoming final season, debuting on Space June 10, Helena appears to be up to her old tricks (where tricks = cold blooded murder). Is it a dream? A flashback? Some sort of alternate reality?

Check out the clip and decide for yourself:

Okay: was that Sarah? It’s hard to be certain in that churchy, un-Sarah-like babushka outfit, but out of all the known clones it definitely looks most like her. As for Helena, she looks horrified enough by what she’s done for her to know that it wasn’t some anonymous clone she’s taken out, but one of her own sestras.

Fingers crossed that this isn’t the case, and that Helena’s just having some crazy pregnancy-induced dreams—if she’s still pregnant, that is.