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Mufasa Makes His Return In The New Lion King Remake Teaser


Crank the Elton John and forget all your worries (for the rest of your days), because a brand-new teaser trailer for the Lion King remake just dropped.

We’ve been waiting since mid-2016, when plans for a Lion King remake were first announced, to find out whether or not Disney could successfully computer animate one of the most beloved films of all time. Unsurprisingly, it seems that they can and did. While the teaser features very little dialogue, it takes viewers through an updated version of the original 1994 film’s opening sequence, in which Rafiki (Black Panther‘s John Kani) presents a newborn Simba (Donald Glover) to the inhabitants of Pride Rock.

In case you somehow forgot who Disney recruited to voice the likes of Simba and the gang, the end of the trailer lists the film’s impressive cast including Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Beyoncé and, of course, James Earl Jones returning as the voice of Mufasa. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom,” Mufasa reminds us (and, presumably, Simba) via voiceover “But a king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun.” We’re guessing this means that Disney isn’t going to shake things up by removing Mufasa’s tragic death scene from the remake, but we’re nevertheless interested to see how the scene plays out when the movie comes out next year.

The Lion King hits theatres July 19, 2019. Check out the new teaser trailer below.