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Jurassic World Gets LEGO Upgrade

Remember Jurassic World? You’ve probably seen billions of dollars worth of blockbusters since that dino fourquel hit screens in June, becoming the year’s biggest hit and earning its inexperienced director (Colin Trevorrow) a chance to direct Star Wars: Episode IX. (In the Disney era, Lucasfilm isn’t taking any chances on experienced filmmakers with flops under their belts.) If you want a reminder of everything you loved and hated about Jurassic World, The Brotherhood Workshop is offering a conveniently short recap—in LEGO form.


This turns out to be a relatively good fit, as (a) we’ve already been conditioned to think of Chris Pratt as a LEGO character, (b) Bryce Dallas Howard’s Cleopatra bob is easily imitated, and (c) those LEGO dinosaurs are even scarier than the real thing. Admittedly, The Brotherhood Workshop’s sense of humour is somewhat sophomoric, but they more than make up for this with their virtuosic Lego animating skills. You can watch the complete LEGO Jurassic World below, all 90 seconds of it.