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20 Years Later, Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her Halloween H20 Regrets


With a domestic opening weekend gross of over $77 million, David Gordon Green’s Halloween is an indisputable success that’s likely to become the biggest hit of (a) the franchise and (b) Jamie Lee Curtis’ career. When the actress previously attempted to revive the series 20 years ago with Halloween H20, the results were far less impressive—and she recently explained why she sees that 1998 instalment as a disappointment.

H20 started when Curtis noticed an impending franchise anniversary and reached out to original co-writer-director John Carpenter and co-writer-producer Debra Hill. “When Halloween was, like, 19 years old, I remember calling John and Debra and we had lunch,” she explained. “I said to them, ‘Guys, the movie’s going to be 20-years-old next year, and we’re all still doing the job 20 years later.’ I said to them, ‘Why don’t we revisit it?’ And there was a conversation, but then everybody was busy, and it turned out not to be what I wanted it to be. Initially, I wanted it to be with John directing, Debra producing—and that didn’t happen, for myriad reasons. And John didn’t write it, so then we had to hire a writer, and then Debra had something else. By the end of it, I was the only one involved with it.”

Sadly, Hill passed away in 2005, but Carpenter came on board to executive produce and score the 2018 revival. According to Curtis, failing to insist upon this kind of involvement from her old collaborators was her primary error on H20, but she still had reasons to be excited about that project, including the subject matter (post-traumatic stress)—and the compensation. “Honestly, I was going to be paid well,” she said. “I hadn’t made any money on the Halloween franchise at all. I mean, really, in all of those years I hadn’t really made any money. It just gave me a lot of fame. And now I was going to get a paycheck.”

Halloween H20 turned 20 in August. For a reminder of that film’s many pros and cons, check out the trailer below.