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Jamie Lee Curtis Only Cares About One Halloween Sequel


Let’s face it, some Halloween fans are more discerning than others. If you can make it through the whole franchise without groaning on a regular basis, you’re probably being too easy on the series. For her part, Jamie Lee Curtis reserves most of her enthusiasm for the original, so she was thrilled to throw out the sequels and start fresh for director David Gordon Green’s new Halloween movie.

“There may be people who love any one of the numbers of Halloween at any time,” she told Cinema Blend in a recent interview. “The beauty of streaming is that they can watch any of them, rinse, and repeat. They can watch it over and over and over again. The clever choice [with this new film] was to omit any other movie except Halloween… because you can’t tell a story of generational trauma except to go back to the original trauma.”

As Curtis sees it, ignoring the chaotic logic of the sequels was the only path to a revival with impact and dramatic integrity. “We wouldn’t have been able to make a 40-year sequel when you’ve given the sequel-ing to random people for the last 40 years because there is no bible,” she explained. “There is no Halloween bible that those however many sequel filmmakers followed. Each one came up with their own wacky idea for the next movie and so there was no continuity. It was scattershot, if anything, and didn’t make any sense.”

Halloween arrives in theatres on October 19. You can read our glowing review here and check out the trailer below.