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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer: 14 Moments Worth Noting

Peter Dinklage in the season 5 Game of Thrones Trailer

A handful of hit HBO shows will premiere on Sunday, April 12, but it’s the more ambitious production of the three that’s got fans in early discussions of the premiere.

Game of Thrones’, adapted from George R.R. Martin’s novel series—A Song of Ice and Fire, garners a devoted and desperate-for-more fan base with the inherit ability to dissect and transform a two second clip into a string of new theories. Since the approach seems to be a trend amongst GoT fans, we’ve decided to get in on the action.

Following a leak of the season 5 trailer, HBO released the HD version online earlier than anticipated. Fans have been hard at work unravelling the clip, frame by frame, in search of clues for what’s to come in season 5.

Those of you that haven’t read the books might see the following notes as a slight spoiler, but if you’re dying to know what’s in store for Westeros this spring, then read on and enjoy!

1. If you thought Westeros was done with weddings, think again. Joffrey’s death may have postponed Margaery’s ascend to becoming Queen but when one King dies, the Tyrell’s flock to another. Lucky for them, Tommen was close by.

Scene from season 5 trailer of Game of Thrones

2. In season 4, the Martells arrived in King’s Landing seeking revenge. Now, with the death of Oberyn Martell, the Sand Snakes’ thirst for blood has thickened. Season 5 will take us to Dorne and judging by the image from the trailer below, torture is on the menu.

Scene from GoT Season 5

3. The Martells definitely aren’t subtle people. This gift/threat in a box sent to King’s Landing could explain why Jamie is on his way to Dorne to pay the snakes a visit.

Scene from GoT Season 5

Scene from season 5 Game of Thrones Trailer

4. It looks like Jamie might even be bringing a travel companion with him. (Bronn, is that you?)

Scene from season 5 Game of Thrones Trailer 

5. Tyrion accepts that he’ll never sit on the Iron Throne, but in the trailer, Varys makes two things clear; he believes the Throne belongs to a women and he wants Tyrion to help put her there.

Scene from GoT Season 5

6. The second most important thing to note about Tyrion’s conversation with Varys is the location. Varys has taken Tyrion to Magister Illyrio’s palace in Pentos, the same place Dany and her brother Viserys hid out in before riding off with Khal Drogo.

Scene from GoT Season 5

Scene from GoT Season 1

7. Last season there was a strange chemistry stirring between Dany’s handmaiden, Missandei, and Unsullied leader, Grey Worm. Grey Worm’s castration as a boy leaves him unable to engage in intercourse, but that won’t stop Missandei from making a move in season 5 anyway.

Scene from GoT Season 5

8. Last we saw, Jorah Mormont was dismissed from Dany’s services after it was revealed that he had been spying on her for Vary in King’s Landing, but in the season 5 trailer, Mormont is seen battling for his life in the fighting pits of Meereen.

Spoiler: If David Benioff and D. B. Weiss stuck to the book for this scene, then it wasn’t Dany that put him there.

Scene from GoT Season 5

9. Things aren’t looking too good for our beloved Khaleesi. Not everyone in Meereen agrees with Dany taking over their city and in the trailer, The Sons of the Harpy are seen attacking the Unsullied in the city’s streets. Scene from GoT Season 5

10. There’s also a shot of Dany and Missandei standing in the fighting pits with the Unsullied and it appears the Sons of the Harpy are once again unleashing an attack.

Scene from GoT Season 5

11. Dany’s Dragon and child, Drogon, has been on the lose since he disappeared in season 4, which means, as long as he’s eating, he’s growing. It’s hard to get a clear view of Drogon in the trailer but the flames he’s spitting tell us he’s probably going to play a big role in Dany’s war this season.

Scene from GoT Season 5

12. Arya has sailed to Braavos and upon her arrival has found the House of Black and White. For those that haven’t read the books, this will make more sense as the story develops, but it’s definitely worth noting now.

Scene from season 5 trailer of Game of Thrones

13. Another important moment for Arya in the trailer is when she’s seen holding Needle. Her clothes have changed drastically and as she stares at her sword the voice over reads, ‘and this is what remains.’ A sure hint Arya will be going through some pretty significant changes this season.

Scene from season 5 trailer of Game of Thrones

14. In ‘The Watchers on the Wall‘ the Men of the Nights Watch defeated the Wildlings with the help of Stannis Baratheon. Where Stannis goes, the Red Woman goes too and she’s brought her flames to the Wall, wasting no time setting them ablaze. There’s definitely a man, or women, of importance laying atop that bonfire.  
Scene from season 5 trailer of Game of Thrones

If you haven’t already, check out the season 5 trailer below and you’re not all caught up on seasons 1-4 then you’re in luck! To celebrate today’s Blu-ray and DVD release of ‘Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season’, we’re picking three winners to take home seasons 1-4.

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