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Calgary Expo Report: How Game Of Thrones Should End According To Hodor

Kristian Nairn found out that his iconic Game of Thrones character, Hodor, would be killed off three days before showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff phoned him to officially break the news. But despite Hodor’s Season 6 death, Nairn still has strong opinions on who should end up on the Iron Throne when the show finally wraps in Season 8—and he recently shared them at the Calgary Expo.

Nairn thinks that Hodor would have been both a kind and just ruler—far better than the “bunch of sh*t hooks that Westeros has had on the throne” up until now. But since that can never be, the actor/house DJ has a backup pick. Explaining that he thinks the best kind of ruler is one who has no ambition to rule (and no massive body count piled up behind them), Nairn said that his vote for Iron Throne-sitter would go to Gwendoline Christie’s character, Brienne of Tarth.

Nairn is also a big fan of Catelyn Stark (he likes her fiestyness and is a bit envious of her epic death scene at the Red Wedding) and Arya Stark (she’s who he’d play if he could choose to be someone else on GoT). However, given the opportunity to kill off another character, Nairn would eliminate (gasp!) Jon Snow. How? By writing a scene in which the show’s resident dreamboat would “just fall over and crack his head on a rock.” Which… would be kind of funny. Sorry, Jon Snow.

Now that Nairn is finished with GoT, he’s moved on to roles with more wide-ranging vocabularies—but Hodor’s one-word lexicon was never a problem for the actor. After DJing until 3 am, Nairn could show up on set at 5 am without worrying he’d be too tired to nail his lines. Hodor, he says, was more about body language and facial expressions. The one thing he doesn’t miss is carrying Bran around. Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who plays him, is now 18 years old and nearly six feet tall. “I complained a lot about it,” joked Nairn.