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Edge Of Tomorrow Lived, Died, And Will Now Repeat

It’s not clear why exactly, but Edge of Tomorrow has been plagued by confusion since it arrived in theatres two years ago. Initially, the confusion was all about the title. While the film was based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need is Kill, it was released as Edge of Tomorrow—with posters that more prominently displayed the film’s tagline (“Live. Die. Repeat.”), creating a unique word-of-mouth challenge. Next up was the confusion about the film’s box office performance. While it went on to gross $370 million worldwide, many perceived the film as a flop. This is not an entirely unfounded assessment—the budget was an exorbitant $178 million—but if was really a flop, why are they working on a sequel?

Which brings us to the latest Edge of Tomorrow confusion. Earlier today, it was widely reported that the sequel would be directed by Christopher McQuarrie, co-screenwriter on the first film and director of two other Tom Cruise vehicles: Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Before fans had a chance to properly dissect the merit of this choice, McQuarrie hit Twitter to set everyone straight with a tweet clarifying that original director Doug Liman will be back for more:

Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse have been brought on board to write the sequel, but it sounds like McQuarrie will still have some influence over the film’s creative direction. With that in mind, /Film has flagged a statement he made last summer about the original film’s marketing challenges and the lessons that are likely to shape Edge 2. “The humor in the film took a good 35 minutes to really dawn on you,” he said. “The movie really sneaks up on you and takes this sudden left turn. The movie didn’t have the moments that a trailer needs to tell you, ‘This is the experience you’re going to have.’”

Edge of Tomorrow 2 will definitely have those moments, but it won’t be in theatres for at least another year or two, so you have plenty of time to revisit the original trailer below. Just follow three simple steps: click, watch, repeat.