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Laugh Your Ass Off To The Full-Length Deadpool Trailer



“What if we told you we can make you better?” is what we imagine Marvel saying to Ryan Reynolds, post-DC Green Lantern debacle. Coincidentally, that’s also a line from Deadpool, Reynolds’ second feature-length stab at superhero superstardom. From the looks of this first trailer (the trailer for the trailer came out yesterday), Marvel is going to make good on their offer.

Sorry, Paul Rudd, Ant-Man was pretty amusing in a self-deprecating kind of way but Reynolds’ Deadpool is officially the standup comic of superheroes.


“One thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor,” warns the ill-intentioned Ajax (played by Ed Skrein—remember Game of Thrones’ first Daario Naharis?) as Deadpool’s alter-ego Wade Wilson is prepped for an experimental cancer treatment that comes with a bonus. If you consider the ability to have your body riddled with bullets that can’t kill you a bonus. It could come in handy in certain situations, we guess.

But Deadpool sets out to prove Ajax wrong. Post-experimentation, he’s still funny as f#@k, letting one-liners fly at a rate that nearly matches the body count in the three-minute-long trailer.


And he isn’t the only joker. Perhaps the best line in the trailer comes from Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller who gets in a great quip about Reynolds’ face resembling the result of something Freddy Krueger did to a topographical map of Utah. Franchise Building 101: If you’re going to give a standalone movie to guy who had a cameo in an X-Men movie people only vaguely remember, you better make it funny.

Deadpool is out February 12 2016. Check out the Red Band trailer below:

Now check out the first poster: