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Director Reveals The Origins Of Jessica Chastain’s Dark Phoenix Villain


With the arrival of X-Men: Dark Phoenix just over two months away, the character played by Jessica Chastain remains something of a mystery. While there are a variety of theories about this villain, the only thing we know for certain is that she’s a hybrid of several characters from the X-Men comics. In a recent interview, director Simon Kinberg elaborated on this mysterious character’s origins. “I will say that there’s a lot of influences for the character Jessica Chastain is playing in the movie,” he explained. “I really looked at all of the different characters in the Dark Phoenix Saga that Chris [Claremont] created.”

However, Kinberg didn’t stop at the comics, finding additional inspiration in the X-Men cartoons. “For a lot of people, that’s the way that they first experienced and primarily experienced the X-Men before the movies,” he said. “That was even true for some of our filmmakers. Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn both were sort of more connected to the cartoons than they were the comics, so I looked at all the different iterations of the Dark Phoenix story over the years and I essentially created a villain character that had elements—let’s just say, for lack of a better description—elements from the stars and elements from Earth.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives in theatres on June 7. Check out the trailer below.