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The Best Genre Movie Moments Of 2018: Part 4


To end off Spacemas with a bang, we’re spending the last week of the year counting down the best genre movie moments of 2018, as chosen by the Space team. Narrowing down the list was tough, but in the end we decided to compile a list of 18 moments in honour of the outgoing year.

Whether we highlighted your favourite flicks or think we’re guilty of some serious snubs, we want to hear from you (that’s right—we’re asking you to @ us). Let us know what your favourite movie moments of 2018 were on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and we might just give you a holiday shout out.

Before diving in, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our countdown.


9. Suspiria – The First Dance Routine


Trying to recapture the peculiar magic of Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic is a risky proposition. It’s understandable, then, that director Luca Guadagnino embraced a wildly different approach this time around. A full 50 minutes longer than the original, 2018’s Suspiria takes its time developing this world of witches, carefully placing them in a divided ’70s Germany rattled by revolutionary politics. It’s a dense and challenging movie that demands multiple viewings, but it also offers hints of unhinged horror in the spirit of the original. This is particularly evident in the apocalyptic finale, but the film’s first taste of brutality is even more potent. As Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) arrives on the scene at West Berlin’s Markos Dance Academy, her initial triumph coincides with the brutal demise of a classmate. It’s an excruciating sequence—and one that will leave you terrified to find out what happens next.


8. Black Panther – The Wakanda Reveal


An all-black squad of superheroes from a secret, technologically advanced homeland on the African continent was just the beginning in terms of how awesome Marvel’s Black Panther movie was. If you’re not completely obsessed with superheroes the Marvel formula can get a little old, but not this time. I was already loving the movie before the big reveal arrived: a first look at Wakanda and the people who lived there (main obsession: Letitia Wright’s Shuri). Black Panther gave us heroes to cheer for, but also fight choreography to be in awe of and art direction and costume design to be wowed by. See you guys at the Oscars.


7. A Quiet Place – The Nail Scene

A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt is probably one of the greatest actors of our generation, and it becomes nearly impossible to deny that fact after watching the nail scene from A Quiet Place. After Blunt’s Evelyn, whose water has just broken, steps on a nail while trying to (silently) get her husband’s attention, she accidentally drops a picture frame. This wouldn’t be a big deal if Evelyn and her husband (Blunt’s real-life hubbie and A Quiet Place director John Krasinski) weren’t constantly trying to evade monsters who identify their prey through sound—and if Evelyn were wearing shoes. Ouch. Even if you’re not a horror fan, you should check out A Quiet Place for this scene alone.