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Alien: Covenant Blu-ray Is Bursting With Deleted Scenes

20th Century Fox

Though it’s only been two short months since Ridley Scott’s latest foray into the Alien saga chest-bursted into cinemas, 20th Century Fox is already planning its elaborate home video release on August 15.

Containing just under 18 minutes of deleted and extended material, here’s exactly what these 12 fresh moments will consist of:

-Prologue (Extended)

-Walter in Greenhouse

-Oram and Daniels (Extended)

-Walter Visits Daniels

-Daniels Bedroom Flashback

-Jacob’s Funeral (Extended)

-Ledwards Fall

-Crossing the Plaza (Extended)

-Daniels Thanks Walter

-Rosenthal Prayer

-Walter Reports Back

-Stairs to Eggroom (Extended)

Fingers crossed the majority of these scenes will be filled with Neomorph and Xenomorph carnage—though we’re guessing it’ll mostly just be additional plot filler.

Still, that’s not the only tasty treat this disc will offer. What has us even more excited is a 55-minute making-of documentary titled “Master Class: Ridley Scott.” And if that’s not enough Scott, the director will also provide a commentary track that’s sure to be worth a listen, even if you didn’t enjoy Alien: Covenant as much as we did.

Rounding out the goodies is a production gallery and six snazzy extras, categorized by the film’s two locations:

USCSS Covenant

-Meet Walter


-The Last Supper


-The Crossing


-David’s Illustrations – Image Gallery

If you’re looking to get some swag along with your cutting edge 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, run-of-the-mill Blu-ray, creaky DVD, and versatile Digital HD code, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will be selling exclusive editions, as per usual. These will also likely be harder to find up here in Canada, but that’s what the Internet is for.

The deal best of the bunch comes from Target, which includes a purty 36-page book featuring an inside look at David’s Lab and the creatures of Alien: Covenant, plus behind-the-scenes photography and concept sketches.

Or, if you really want a fan art designed t-shirt, stick with Walmart, while Best Buy will offer an Alien baby Xenomoreph steelbook. See ’em both below: